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Fifteen English Words That Should Come Back

There are many words that have come and gone, changing with the times and adapting to the constant fluctuating use of language. Often times, there are people who ask “why don’t we have a word for that?” What they might not know is that there might have been, and it simply faded with time and disuse. Here is a collection of fifteen words that are not only amusing, but you probably never knew existed. You may be surprised by specific the definitions for these words are.




“Chork” is a very strange word for something that no one is ever keen to happen too often. A verb, it means to make the sound that feet do when your shoes are full of water. It’s a very rare instance for anyone’s shoes to be full of water, unless you’re quite keen on jumping into rain puddles after a very heavy downpour. Either way, it requires the right of shoe and amount of water trapped within to get the right sound going. It’s a word of Scottish origin, which is no surprise, given how much rainfall they receive during any given day of the year.




If you’ve ever tried to get all the remnants out of a bottle by turning it onto its side and leaving it there, then you have “duffified.” This practice is definitely more common amongst those who are eager to use up all the ketchup they paid for or don’t want to throw away the last bit of shampoo still remaining. Too bad the word can’t be used to refer to draining water from your shoes to prevent “chorking.” Another word of Scottish origin, we finally have a name for something all of us engage in at some point in our lives.




This is a term that everyone has been engaged in at some point in their lives, even as children. To “egrote” is to fake sickness in order to avoid doing work, whether it’s work at the office or homework. A much more specific word that “procrastination”, many of us have “egroted” with fake body aches and holding thermometers against light bulbs for years.




To “feague” is a uniquely strange practice that makes more sense figuratively than literally. Literally, it means to put a live eel up the rear of a horse; figuratively, it is used to describe the process of encouraging someone or cheering them up. How the two meanings came about is a strange one, but it isn’t advised that anyone ever try the literal meaning.




The definition for a fast or furious driver, a “jehu” dates back to the Biblical times, and is named after Jehu, who drove furiously when he was ordered by the Lord to murder King Ahab.




Often times, businessmen with full schedules will engage in “pedeconferencing”, which means to engage in meetings while walking. Not only does it save time for all the parties involved, but it can be done in between meetings, doubling the amount of work that can be accomplished in the interim.




It’s doesn’t actually sound like what you think it might sound like (why, what do you think it sounds like?) To “scuddle” is to run about with some amount of haste, possibly for some urgent purpose. You’ve often seen some people “scuddling” about your office space between meetings or from their lunch breaks in order to avoid getting in trouble.




To put it quite simply, a “throttlebottom” is a dishonest man who holds some position in political office. Some people have also used the terms “pollywog”, “quockerwodger”, and “Nixon.”




Aterm from the Old English, it refers to lying awake before dawn and being in a worrying state. Many have been guilty of this during periods of stress, such as an interview the next day, a big test, a family member in the hospital, or contemplating why you said “you too” to the barista who told you to enjoy your cup of coffee.


Voyage to the Spice Islands


There are so many names for bodily functions that encompass the entire range of not only the discomfort of a certain experience, but the physical sensation as well. Having Hershey squirts, the runs, or colon blow are all common terms for… you can probably guess. But nothing totally compromises the specific situation of having eaten spicy food, and needing to make a “voyage to the Spicy Islands.”




Everyone has seen a zarf, but they might have not been aware what it even is. You know when you order that cup of coffee from your favourite place, and there’s a cardboard “sleeve” around it to prevent you from burning your hand? That, my friend, is a zarf. Such a weird and confusing name for a simple ring of cardboard. When you order that cup of coffee from your favourite place, and there’s a cardboard “sleeve” around it to prevent you from burning your hand? That, my friend, is a zarf. Such a weird and confusing name for a simple ring of cardboard.

15 Life Lessons That We Can Learn Only In College

There is no better place than a college to learn the lessons of life. But we learn most of the lessons out of the classroom. Various social gatherings, the hostel meetings and your weekend tours are the places where you learn most of the accurate life lessons. Here is a list of 15 lessons that you will learn only in college in the company of your friends and amid the hot and cold blows you get in the college.


1. Coordination


This is the first lesson you learn in your college. You are away from the safety umbrella and the comfort zone of your family among all new faces having different habits. All looking at you with a certain degree of eagerness and distrust. You have to make your way in such an atmosphere and this teaches you to coordinate with each other to get the best out of you in all the odds. There is no better place than your college where you can learn to coordinate with others in a totally isolated environment.


2. College is just a middle school with dance and alcohol


This is another lesson that you learn only in your college as soon as you enter the premises. Your seniors soon let you know that life is nothing with some love and romance in it. They soon introduce you to alcohol and you soon begin to feel that life cannot be imagined without these two.


3. Unplanned hookup in the public


While still new in the college you may hear a girl or two whispering about you. Later you may also find them confronting you at a public place in a way that may cause embarrassment. But believe it you are not going to forget this lesson throughout your life. You will learn the lesson that calculated honesty is always rewarded here. Spontaneity is very crucial in a darker corner.


4. You learn to non- acknowledge a fact

giphy (9)

Your encounter with the girls will also teach you another lesson of ‘non-acknowledgement’ of the facts.

You will soon learn to start denying your relationship with the girls. Soon you will become the master of the art of concealing.


The list of life experiences you are likely to experience only in college does not end here. 11 more are listed here:

5. Some things can be put off till the last minute. Your friends will say that last minute exam preparation is more than enough.

6. You will soon learn to be on both sides of a coin if you are caught between two different set of friends. This will be your safest bet if you want peace in college. But always remember to focus yourself on heads.

7. One life lesson for you will be that unless you are very enthusiastic about wearing Khaki pants and look like ‘always studying type’ oversized kid you will never land for a good job.

8. You will also learn the art of using some buzz words that may impress others. People may not be knowing anything about them but will pretend as if they know everything about them. So much for learning grammar when you were in school. These buzzwords kill grammar. RIP grammar.





9. You will soon learn to talk about ‘Microsoft’ loudly. The more loudly you talk about Microsoft the better job you will get.

10. Even if you hate games you will learn to appreciate one or two of them for the sake of the company of girls in your college. You will also learn to look like an athlete.

11.You will soon learn to borrow formals of your friends. This life experience will be with you throughout your life shedding your habit of timidity and hesitation.

12. You will soon learn to be a part of a well knit group because otherwise your class mates will keep a distance from you.

13. Thanks to the courtesy of your friends and a girl or two in your arms you soon learn the art of upper class adventure. This will soon teach you that everyone in the world has intolerable ego- you included.

14. To meet your expenditures and adventures you will learn to take and ask for all the available discounts- a habit that will save you a lot of money throughout your life.

15. And the last, you will learn to take your classes seriously and take advantage of all the resources.

Successful Companies That Started in College

We all know that there are more than a few major companies that started in the dorm room out of need or frustration. If we’re being really honest about it out of the need for money. Here is just a sampling of college start-up companies in case you don’t know the legend:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Dell
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft

These are college startups that stood the test of time. Whether you’re thinking about your finances, the good of mankind or just kicking around ideas. Here are a few to wrap your head around.


Startup Companies


Inc. publishes a list of the coolest startups. Not focused on the Dells, but focused on interesting companies. These companies may or may not develop into a major company, but right now they are pretty hot.

  • Applits: Trying to increase the accessibility of the complex mobile application to everyday people. Thus far they have created nine applications and working on 11 more. Their website offers interaction by allowing the everyday person to provide ideas and feedback.
  • Athlete Trax: The purpose is to make communications, fundraising and scheduling of sports an easier process.


Though declining to reveal revenue they do however have 16 teams on their database. Just because you never know, Athlete Trax came in 2nd place out of 144 teams entered in the George Washington University business plan competition.

  • Cavebox: Which is my personal favorite, specializes in the hygiene of men between the ages of 18 to 30. Customers who shop Cavebox, customize product to last for up to 2 months. They will be featured at the University of Indiana Spine Sweat, which is a competition geared to finding backers. Good Luck Cavebox.





This is certainly a good cross section of ideas college students are putting together. This means that you can take an idea that was formulated while studying and turn it also into a college startup. There are many good ideas floating around the campus, for instance:

  • Making textbooks more affordable
  • Creating of very cheap Colleges and Universities
  • Developing a way for college startup companies to receive funding.


College startup companies are no longer rare. It has almost gotten to the point where one is surprised if a company was not once a college dorm idea and beginner.


I would like to say that this explosion is based on the fact that our colleges and universities are instrumental in this boom. In a sense they are with tuition cost and in many cases not the most up to date methods of teaching. However, this is where you the student comes in. You know what is needed to provide a better education for yourself. You also know what your finances are like. Take a practical view and approach on the idea of starting your own company.


Startup practicality

  • Find other students that believe in the need for the product you want to bring to the marketplace. Become a team.
  • Determine the realistic need of your product
  • Develop a true business plan
  • Determine if you need to apply money making steps to bring this idea to fruition (are you broke?)
  • You have a campus full of resources. Use them all. All includes students, instructors and libraries.
  • Do be realistic as to how to begin.

Your business may not end up a Microsoft story, but it just may be. If nothing more it may get you through college. It also may open your eyes to your skills and opportunities. You may even discover what you want to be when you grow up.

College Traditions That Need to Return

Over the years attitudes change, not always for the better it has to be said, meaning some old college traditions have disappeared, and whilst some traditions are definitely better off gone, college is college, having fun and letting off steam to relieve the pressure of study isn’t just an accepted part of college life, it’s a necessity for students wellbeing. There are many banned college traditions worth reviving, here are some I’d love to see reappear.




This was a game played at Yale University, using a 6 foot inflatable ball, in which teams fought, by any means at their disposal, to control the ball. I’m guessing you can see where this one went to find itself on the banned list already.

The teams were made up from each residential college, plus teams from the three main college publications and the radio station, and the game took place in the Old Campus on the Saturday morning before the Yale-Dartmouth game.

As years went by and students became more adventurous, the game escaped the confines of the Old Campus and moved through the streets towards the Yale president’s home, gathering the attention of the police, annoying motorists and often damaging property. This ultimately led to the banning in 1982.

Mayhem, drunkenness and a great big ball. Who doesn’t want to see that again?




‘Yea Rowbottom’ started out as a simply call from one student to his friend, Joseph TintsmanRowbottom to be precise at the University of Pennsylvania, but ended up as a rallying cry to invoke mass mayhem and even riots. How the cry became synonymous with the behaviour is unclear, the man himself appears to have been a quiet and conscientious student, it is postulated one of his friends shouting up at him in his dorm room annoyed others, who threw something to shut the crier up, and this lead to a return of missile and so on,but nevertheless, for one reason or another, in 1910, if one wanted to drink, smash up a few plates or have a bit of fun, the cry rang out.

As time moved on ‘The Rowbottom’ also grew, from smashing some crockery in the quad to 300 students in a mass riot by 1930. Further escalation and the cost to police saw the tradition die out in the seventies. Now, no one wants to see riots, but a bit of a party and drinking when someone shouts for Rowbottom, that’s a tradition worth reviving.


The Keg Jump


The Psi Upsilon fraternity at Dartmouth had a great idea in 1975. A keg jump. This was an event set in an ice rink, in which students attempted to jump a line of beer kegs on ice skates.

What could possible go wrong?

Well, everything as it happens. From broken ribs to severe cuts, a combination of large quantities of alcohol, skates and a line of kegs to jump is a recipe for mayhem.

The competition started at one keg and gets longer at each round, with the winner being the one that cleared the most kegs. The event met its doom in 2000 when insurance cover was withdrawn, and so ended 25 years of tradition.

Here’s the thing, people entered voluntarily, now whilst I wouldn’t recommend getting drunk, strapping on a pair of ice skates and jumping things, I’d certainly watch someone do it. Bring back the keg jump!

Top 10 Bizarre College Courses

College years are the time when student tries to settle their minds as to what field of specialty they want to be in which somehow determines their future. While it is supposed to be the days of higher learning, there are certain subjects or courses in college which may make you question whether you are still living in the present time or if school is still a good thing to be in.


Here is a list of top 10 bizarre college courses that you may want to try:


1. Zombies in Popular Media


If you find “The Walking Dead” or “Zombieland” interesting and may sound true in the near future, some colleges like Columbia College in Chicago are offering a course which traces the history of zombies in literature and in movies and relates as to how zombies are involved in individuality, capitalism and xenophobia.


2. The Art of Walking


Yes, walking is the best form of exercise and you might need some classroom instructions as to why. Dr. Ken Keffer of Centre College in Kentucky holds a class that focuses on the “intelligible and sensual design in inner and outer nature”. Walking takes you to places and enables you to discover your surroundings, meet new friends and keeps you healthy, too.


3. Joy of Garbage


Over the years, humans consume and discard of whatever sort of things that they have. This course may sound trashy but Santa Clara University teaches the science and the cost of garbage to humans. Students explore the process of garbage as it is dumped, treated, recycled, burned or reused and its impact towards humanity.


4. Maple Syrup: The Real Thing


Your favorite pancake syrup is now a course in college. It enables students to learn about the history of syrup, create their own syrup and go on field trips to local restaurants, maple syrup producers and festivals.


5. The Theology of Eating


Not only are you taught to eat a balanced diet every day, Loyola College teaches about the link between eating and religion and how it affects your decisions on food etiquette and eating a balanced diet.


6. The Science of Harry Potter


Harry Potter takes you to the world of sorcery and witchcraft, but have you ever wondered why there’s Fluffy the three-headed dog or a flying broomstick? Frostburg State University in Maryland has a course which explores all these and answers your questions about the chemistry, physics, biology and engineering of the Harry Potter movies.


7. Strategy of StarCraft


Teaching the art of war is not interesting unless it is through StarCraft which is an alternative education program offered at the University of California. It also teaches about the strategies and tactics for the game.


8. Philosophy and Star Trek


Metaphysics and epistemology have never been this interesting if you get to watch Star Trek episodes and then discuss about time travel, its religious links, and if reality can be different from what we think.


9. Cyberporn and Society


With the widespread social media and cyberporns, it is time to learn about it and explore pornography in different cultures and how they understand it. You are not only allowed to watch porn in class, you are required in you enroll Cyberporn and Society at the State University of New York.


10. Simpsons and Philosophy


A hit TV show that’s been running for more than 20 seasons will certainly become a popular college course. The Simpsons looks into intellectual and political matters that definitely concerns present issues of politics and governance.